Infocalypse Series

The Infocalypse series of albums are generally designed to be a single track that is over 40 minutes long with some intention to be a symbolic representation of the collapse of our information technology society. They can be considered as thought experiments and a test of the possibility of writing very long audio pieces.

  • Nimheil – Infocalypse II (2006 / net label album / freely downloadable)
  • Nimheil – Infocalypse (2006 / ltd. ed. CDR album)
  • Nimheil – Infocalypse (2005 / net label album / freely downloadable)
  Infocalypse II (mp3) 44’45”   60 meg download
  Infocalypse II (flac) 44’45”   200 meg download
  Infocalypse 40’44”   110 meg download