Entropic // Ramblings

The first release from the dark ambient / noise based musical project of Padraig MacIain, called Nimheil. Originally released as a limited run tape release with hand decorated inserts. This is a Net.Label release with only one small difference, the final track F.C.P (Sunday Picnic) has been replaced with Terror of Nations (Mothers Milk Mix)

i Crying For Her Life 4’34” 6.4meg download
ii Factory Scream 3’16” 3.8meg download
iii Falling Powerlines 4’33” 6.4meg download
iv Lament 5’30” 7.5meg download
v Terror of Nations 3’12” 4.5meg download
vi Sadism and Murder 4’37” 4.3meg download
vii Love Story 6’01” 7.2meg download
viii Oil Spilling From Heaven 3’16” 3.8meg download
ix Staring Onto Infinite Madness 5’10” 4.8meg download
x Darkness From Below 3’23” 4.7meg download
xi The Dream Repeats 3’10” 4.4meg download
xii F.C.P (Sunday Picnic) 6’00” -.-meg ——–
xiii Terror of Nations (Mothers Milk Mix) 4’51” 4.7meg download
Whole archive as one single ZIP (includes all art) 50’53” 65meg download
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