And upon her forehead was written…

And upon her forehead a name was written (2008 release / CD / Uncomfortable

This album written and produced by Padraig MacIain as Nimheil late 2006 in Viscera Studios, Perth, Western Australia. The original release was scheduled by a international record label but circumstance has hampered the release it was self published. Additional artwork and audio processing was produced in 2008, and marks the release of this overdue but sought-after recording. This recording is a tribute to Our Lady BABALON.

01 Prelude
02 Mark 5:9
03 Upon her forehead was a name written
04 Wine of the Wrath of her Fornication
05 Scarlet Lady
06 Interlude
07 Abominations of the Earth
08 Carrieth Her on his back
09 Destruction of the city
10 End Times